Analysis of the novel "Crime and Punishment", quotes and description of characters

The best quotes from "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky (part I)

The novel "Crime and Punishment" is an outstanding work, a masterpiece in Russian classical literature.

"Crime and Punishment" was written in 1866 but it is still actual for readers of XXI centuary. 

This novel is a sourse of outstanding quotes and wise frases. There are many interesting and philosophical quotes on the pages of theis novel.

In this article you will find the most intersting quotes from the novel "Crime and Punishment" of Dostoevsky.

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"You can't help getting pale... if you've nothing to eat..."

"...poverty is not a vice, that's a true saying. Yet I know too that drunkenness is not a virtue, and that that's even truer. But beggary, honoured sir, beggary is a vice. In poverty you may still retain your innate nobility of soul, but in beggary--never--no one."  
(Mr. Marmeladov)

"...compassion is forbidden nowadays by science itself, and that that's what is done now in England, where there is political economy." 

"...when one has no one, nowhere else one can go! For every man must have somewhere to go. Since there are times when one absolutely must go somewhere!..."
(Mr. Marmeladov)

"I try to find sympathy and feeling in drink. ... I drink so that I may suffer twice as much!"
(Mr. Marmeladov)

"She scrubs the floors herself and has nothing but black bread to eat, but won't allow herself to be treated with disrespect."
(Mr. Marmeladov about his wife, Katerina Ivanovna)

"She said nothing, she only looked at me without a word....... But it hurts more, it hurts more when they don't blame!"
(Mr. Marmeladov about his daughter, Sonia)

"Hurrah for Sonia! What a mine they've dug there! And they're making the most of it!"

"They've wept over it and grown used to it." 

"Man grows used to everything, the scoundrel!"

"Fool she is and no mistake, just as I am. But why, if you are so clever, do you lie here like a sack and have nothing to show for it?"

- ...What's the use of a few coppers?" ...
- "And you want to get a fortune all at once?"

- "Yes, I want a fortune ..."
(Raskolnikov and Nastasia)

" could never judge of a man without seeing him close, for oneself..."
(Mr. Luzhin)

"...Bitter is the ascent to Golgotha...."

"[Luzhin] ...seems to be kind ... That seems beats everything! And that very Dounia for that very 'seems' is marrying him! Splendid!"


"...this is only the first blossoming, and that the real fruits are to come!..."

"...But what really matters is not the stinginess, is not the meanness, but the tone of the whole thing..."

"...That's how it always is with these Schilleresque noble hearts; till the last moment every goose is a swan with them, till the last moment, they hope for the best and will see nothing wrong ... they thrust the truth away with both hands, until the man they deck out in false colours puts a fool's cap on them with his own hands..."


"...she would rather be a nigger on a plantation or a Lett with a German master than degrade her soul, and her moral dignity..."
(Raskolnikov about Dounia)

"...freedom, peace, conscience even, all, all are brought into the market. Let my life go, if only my dear ones may be happy!..."

"...the shameful things that are done in the world nowadays..."
(a policeman)

'...In a morbid condition of the brain, dreams often have a singular actuality, vividness, and extraordinary semblance of reality..."

"...we have to correct and direct nature, and, but for that, we should drown in an ocean of prejudice. But for that, there would never have been a single great man..."
(one student)

"...I daresay you will throw off your illness with your shirt..."

"...Almost every criminal is subject to a failure of will and reasoning power by a childish and phenomenal heedlessness,"

"...The question whether the disease gives rise to the crime, or whether the crime from its own peculiar nature is always accompanied by something of the nature of disease..."

"...the house is a regular Noah's Ark,"
(head clerk about pawnbroker's house)

"...She was ...  fat and buxom ... good-natured from fatness and laziness..."

(author about Raskolnikov's landlady)

These are the quotes from the famous novel "Crime and Punishment" of Dostoevsky.

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